How Postagram is Changing Letter Writing Campaigns to Congress

Being passionate about issues – both domestic and global – means taking your activism from the Net to Washington, DC in many cases. Taking your activism to the halls of Congress or even to the halls of your state’s legislature is harder to do for some. Even writing a letter to your representative can be tedious. People are busy and time is tight. Now, there are easier ways to grab the attention of our elected leaders right from our computers from online petitions to emails to our representatives. The problem with e-campaigns is sometimes they are not as effective as when physical letters show up in the mailboxes of our elected representatives. Email is great, but when an actual letter is sent it just means more and will always hold greater sway over our representatives.

This week I tried a new-to-me service called Postagram that conveniently allows you to send a physical postcard to your representative’s office in Washington. Postagram, an app that is housed on Facebook on the web and via mobile, has partnered with the ONE campaign on a new type of letter writing campaign. With a few clicks your physical postcard from Postagram will be sent to DC . I like that your message can be customized on Facebook with a photo you choose as well as personal text for your particularly message.

Here’s mine:


Many people use Postagram to send personal postcards to friends and family, but this is a new way to use Postagram to a do a little good. If you would like to send a postcard with ONE to Congress to make sure they do not cut life-saving, poverty alleviation programs visit

2 thoughts on “How Postagram is Changing Letter Writing Campaigns to Congress

  1. This is so cool Jennifer! I have never heard of it before and must have missed hearing about it on ONE too. I do send personal letters but Postagram will make it much easier!


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