#Newborn2013 Twitter Chat

#Newborn2013 Twitter Chat

On Monday, July 8, 2013 the Social Good Moms’ founder Jennifer James hosted a chat with guest Gary Darmstadt, Director of Family Health at the Gates Foundation. NGOs, experts, bloggers, researchers, and digital moms chimed in with information and asked pivotal questions about newborn health.

  1. The #Newborn2013 conversation trended in the US according to US Trends. 
  2. Trend Alert: #Newborn2013. More trends at trendinalia.com/twitter-trendi… pic.twitter.com/YQLZd3wNYZ
  3. The chat started at 11:30 and was fast-paced throughout the entire 30 minute discussion.
  4. Why Is Newborn Health Important Right Now?
  5. Q1: @gdarmsta: Why is the health of newborns around the world a topic of great importance right now? #Newborn2013
  6. .@jenniferjames Success in preventing deaths in newborns lagging v older children. We need new focus and commitment. #newborn2013
  7. Nutrition is critical for mom & young children! RT @wfpusa: Healthy moms=healthier babies. Ensuring proper #nutrition for pregnant &…
  8. On the Relationship Between Maternal and Newborn Health 
  9. #Newborn2013 We must improve #maternalhealth to improve #newborn health! Unhealthy moms make unhealthy babies. #nutrition
  10. .@girlsglobe Could not agree more. Maternal health and newborn health are inseparable! #newborn2013
  11. On Newborn Health and Societal Issues
  12. Q from @raisingself for @gdarmsta: Isn’t newborn mortality rates indicative of greater societal issues within a community? #Newborn2013
  13. .@raisingself Maternal mortality, stillbirth rates & newborn mortality very sensitive indicators of state of the health system #newborn2013
  14. Nutrition on the First 1000 Days as Stated by @WFPUSA
  15. Healthy moms=healthier babies. Ensuring proper #nutrition for pregnant & nursing women is critical. #Newborn2013 bit.ly/1000-days
  16. Healthy moms=healthier babies. Ensuring proper #nutrition for pregnant & nursing women is critical. #Newborn2013 bit.ly/1000-days
  17. On Urgent Challenges About Global Newborn Health
  18. Question for @gdarmsta: What are some of the most urgent challenges in global #newbornhealth? #Newborn2013
  19. .@jenniferjames We need to get newborn health more prominently on the global agenda. You all can paly a key role! #newborn2013
  20. On the Importance of Fathers on Newborn Health
  21. Fathers are key in understanding/supporting mothers in proper nutrition, antenatal care, skilled care at delivery, care seeking #newborn2013
  22. .@pathtweets Need to consider the needs of families – they live integrated lives; we must nmeet them in an integrated way. #newborn2013
  23. On Moms and Bloggers Getting Involved in the Newborn Health Conversation
  24. RT @surfnsunshine: Bloggers can make a HUGE impact by spreading the word through their channels and inc. awareness #Newborn2013
  25. .@jenniferjames This chat is a great example of getting word out. Catapult.org has many great projects to support. #newborn2013
  26. .@jenniferjames Many of you made great suggestions on upcoming Every Newborn Action Plan; are other opportunities to comment. #newborn2013
  27. Tweets About Newborn Health and Newborn Mortality Rates, Still Births, Family Planning, Frontline Health Workers, Kangaroo Care, Breastfeeding, 
  28. MT @gdarmsta: Family planning is one of THE most important intervention to save maternal and newborn lives #newborn2013 #cd2015 #rmnch #mnch
  29. Over the last 20 years, the newborn mortality rate in #Liberia has decreased from 49 to 27. #newborn2013 ow.ly/mL2rg
  30. Without trained health workers in place, no interventions can succeed.@jenniferjames @gdarmsta#newborn2013
  31. .@jenniferjames @gdarmsta – Access to health care during pregnancy and at birth! We could save many newborns this way! #newborn2013
  32. .@gdarmsta @jenniferjames Yes! Kangaroo care is a simple way to help preterm babies survive the 1st critical days. #newborn2013
  33. .@jenniferjames Evidence suggests that immediate exclusive breastfeeding and skin to skin care could save many lives. #newborn2013
  34. .@gdarmsta @raisingself How can we include the number of #stillbirth deaths when evaluating #newbornhealth? -EK #Newborn2013
  35. FACT: Nearly 3 million newborns die each year. Most of these deaths can be prevented. Join in the #Newborn2013 chat today 11:30 ET.
  36. There was a lot of excitement  by everyone involved about global newborn health resulting in the #Newborn2013 hashtag trending in the United States. 
  37. Joining the conversation about #newborn2013 @genesisfndn actively works with children and is also part of this conversation @gatesfoundation
  38. Join in to the #Newborn2013 twitter conversation with @gatesfoundation going on now. Use #newborn2013 hashtag.
  39. For Further Reading About Global Newborn Health Visit the Gates Foundation.

  40. For a whole host of information on #newbornhealth visit the @gatesfoundation‘s Global Newborn Health campaign. bit.ly/13FAKTH

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