A Creative Way to Donate Much-Needed School Supplies

Rossetti_Ladies_for_web_largeEven though it’s summer vacation for most kids across the country the new school season will roll around  before we know it. That means millions of schoolchildren will attend their first day of school without the school supplies they need to excel. One Chicago-based company has devised a creative way to change that scenario for schoolkids in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland.

3CWear, a for profit company, partners with fine artists around the world to create designs specifically for their tees. For every tee you buy a school supplies kit is gifted to a child in need. 3CWear’s social enterprise mission is two-fold: promote talented artists and do good. Currently 3CWear’s catalog of tees ranges in price from $15 (sale price) to $24, a reasonable cost for a full priced t-shirt. Most of the collections are highlighted by a video feature of the artist who created and donated the design to 3CWear. Through August 12, 2013 limited edition tees by Italian artist Brigitta Rosetti will be on sale at www.3cwear.com.

Launched by a husband and wife team 3CWear is poised to be a leader in the buy one, give one industry due to its emphasis on the arts, design, fashion, and giving back.

“Last year my husband and I began an online based clothing store with a social commitment of giving school supplies to children in need in the United States,” said A Yanina Gomez, CEO of 3CWear and mother of two, via email. “We partner with established artists who donate a design exclusively for 3cWear. These designs are available for a limited time. For every top we sell, we (3c + customer) give a school supply kit to a local child in need. We REALLY care about the arts and education in our nation and want to ensure that our children go to school fully prepared to be actively engaged in the learning experience.”

If you would like to buy a tee and gift a child with much-needed school supplies you can use promo code “giving”. Visit 3CWear.com to shop for a good cause.

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