Protecting Women, Girls in Liberia

Did you know Liberia has some of the worst rape statistics in Africa? In fact, between 60 – 70 percent of Liberian women have experienced some form of sexual assault according to the Global Post.

A September 2012 report, Peace Without Security: Violence Against Women and Girls in Liberia [PDF], says, “a disturbingly high number of rape survivors are very young girls who have been raped by family members, friends, or neighbors.” But, only 45.3 per cent of rape and sexual assault cases in Liberia result in an arrest or end up in court.

This week a UN Police (UNPOL) officer Helena Wallstrom discussed the importance of forensics and evidence collection in the investigation of rape and sexual abuse cases during a workshop on “Women’s Security in the Community”, jointly organized by UNPOL and the Liberia National Police, in Kakata, Liberia. Local citiznes listened to various informative speeches about rape reporting procedures at the BWI technical high school.

If you would like to help Liberian girls get a strong, healthy start in life donate to our partner More Than Me. More Than Me helps little girls from one of the poorest slums in the world get off the street and into school in Liberia, West Africa.

Photos: UNMIL Photo/Staton Winter

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