What You Can Do to Celebrate World Food Day

Global food instability is a complex issue. Factors such as poverty, food prices, climate change, food distribution, smallholder farmers, women farmers, crude oil, fertilizers, plant varieties, pest management, irrigation, and even armed conflicts affect people’s access to food. That is why even in 2012 one billion people still go to bed hungry every night. That is one in every seven people according to Oxfam.

Untangling the world’s food system is complex. Even the world’s most seasoned experts have a difficult time solving this global issue, but there are simple steps you can make to help change things for the better.

Today is World Food Day and Oxfam is asking you to celebrate by discussing their GROW Method with your family at dinner tonight.

Oxfam America is calling for people to discuss their GROW Method, a surprisingly simple method of eating that will put more food in people’s bellies. It calls for simple changes such as not wasting food by eating leftovers, eating less meat, using less water to cook with, buying foods in season and supporting small farmers. All of these tips are doable for an individual or family. Oxfam has created an easy dinner discussion guide you can use tonight and share with your family.

For the past few weeks members of the Global Team of 200, a specialized group of Mom Bloggers for Social Good members who focus on global hunger, women and girls, children, and maternal health, have been sharing Oxfam’s GROW Method and World Food Day with their readers.

Here are a few featured moms who have shared the GROW Method with their readers and families.

Julia Gibson from Mom on the Run x 2 showcased Oxfam’s free GROW Method banner.

Source: momontherunx2.net via Social Good on Pinterest

Vanessa at Desumama.com shared a delicious acorn squash recipe.


Lisa from About Proximity shared the GROW Method with her children. Be sure to watch.

Want to get involved in World Food Day today? Here’s how: 

  • Have a dinner discussion about food and how you and your family can take part in reducing food waste and increase food availability.
  • Take a photo of your dinner tonight and post it on Instagram with the #WFD2012 tag. Then visit Oxfam’s site. Your post may be featured alongside others.
  • Use Oxfam’s Pinterest cookbook for meal ideas using the GROW Method.
  • Also follow @OxfamAmerica to stay abreast of how you can help throughout the year.

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