Gifting Education to Children in Need

Our partner Pratham is celebrating International Literacy Day (September 8) through an awareness campaign called I Believe. Pratham works with communities, parents, and governments to provide educational programs, create educational standards, and advocate for educational reform in India. In India 100 million children cannot read at age level.

There is a lot you can do to spread the word about I Believe on International Literacy Day. You can tweet on Pratham’s behalf and share their message with your followers, follow the campaign on Facebook, add a badge to your site and also donate $25 to educate a child for one year.

Visit Pratham USA’s web site to learn more!

Images courtesy of Pratham USA.

4 thoughts on “Gifting Education to Children in Need

  1. Reblogged this on Life in Japan with toddlers and commented:
    Sometimes I think I really need to get a grip. I spend time worrying that raising my children bilingually will affect how they perform in each language. I was raised with two languages, but I can only speak one fluently; English. I can read both though, even though they use different alphabets. My children will also face the challenge of become literate in English and Japanese. Recently, I have been concerned that my son who has just turned three isn’t able to read the full English alphabet yet and we haven’t even started on his Japanese scripts yet. I want my children to have the ability to speak, read and write in both languages. I spend hours wondering how I am going to accomplish it and fret that they will be late acquiring reading skills in both languages…
    And then I read something like this; IN INDIA 100 MILLION CHILDREN CANNOT READ AT AGE LEVEL. And I realise my children are blessed that they will some day be able to read at least one language and probably two. They might be later than average, but they will be given the gift. I hope, I pray, I wish … I believe that by spreading the word and showing our support Pratham can get closer to his goal…


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