How to Get Involved in World Humanitarian Day – August 19

Every day people risk their lives to help others or sacrifice tremendously to make sure that those in need have access to resources to survive and thrive. Every August 19 we celebrate humanitarians who work tirelessly for others on World Humanitarian Day.

This year’s theme is I Was Here. With the help of Beyoncé, the UN and its humanitarian partners are reaching out to everyone to stand in solidarity and do one thing – no matter how small – to take action and help someone else. Their goal: reach 1 billion people through social media on August 19 with one unified message of helping others.

Watch the “I Was Here” video and visit to make your voice heard.

5 thoughts on “How to Get Involved in World Humanitarian Day – August 19

  1. O convivio humanitario vai estar sempre presente nos cidadãos do mundo e respostas que dão garantias para a transformação dos valores da paz e da solidaridade


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