Quick Impact Project Provides Education for Darfur Children

Did you know that the largest peacekeeping mission is currently in Darfur? After the civil war erupted in 2003 between the government of Sudan and rebel groups the African Union and the United Nations partnered to create UNAMID – African Union/United Nations Hybrid operation in 2007. Now at over 19,000 peacekeeping military personelle and over 6,000 police the UNAMID is charged with protecting civilians, promoting human rights, monitoring the Chad and Central African Republican borders and ensuring agreements are kept.

The UNAMID has recently opened several Quick Impact Projects (QIPS) in northern Darfur in the areas of education, sanitation, health, community development and women empowerment.

Teacher Rauda Abbakar (above) leads schoolchildren from Kuma Garadayat on a tour of six new development projects, known as Quick Impact Projects. They include a clinic, a women’s’ centre and several schools.

Learn more about the UNAMID on the UN.org web site.

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