How to Help End Seven Tropical Diseases

Our friends and partners at END 7 are on a mission to end seven tropical diseases by 2020. This week they have rallied celebrity support to help raise awareness about some of these neglected diseases like  hookworm, river blindness, and schistosomiasis.

According to Red Pages, Katy Perry, Slash, Ewan McGregor, Stella McCartney, Alyssa Milano, Danny DeVito, Amos Lee, Norah Jones, Tom Felton, MC Hammer, Aaron Neville and The Kooks are among a host of celebrities supporting the END7 campaign. They are reaching out to fans via Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness and encourage people to support the initiative that looks to eliminate seven neglected tropical diseases by 2020.

You too can help save children from these neglected tropical diseases. Did you know that if you simply spend $.50 you can treat and protect a child for a year. Please consider donating to End 7 so they can deliver these fantastic medicines to children so they can grow into healthy adults.

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