Join Kristin Davis and Djimon Hounsou on Sahel Relief

Much has been written here about the crisis in the Sahel region of western Africa. While there is no famine like we saw last year in the Horn of Africa, there are entire countries that are in desperate need of food relief. Due to failed crops and rising food prices and in some countries government instability there are currently 18 million people are at risk of hunger unless the global community steps up and lends a hand to this region in crisis.

Actors Kristin Davis and Djimon Hounsou are working to raise awareness and funds to help people of the Sahel and Oxfam is aiming to help 1.2 million people across seven countries with programs that include providing clean water, improving access to food, supporting the health of livestock, and providing aid to refugees.

Want to help? Donate to Kristin Davis’ fundraising page and/ or Djimon Hounsou’s fundraising page. Or start your own page.

“Sadly, there are still those who are not aware of the dire need that West Africa is in right now,” wrote Hounsou on his fund-raising page. “The people there are facing drought and a severe food crisis. To some of us, this problem is a world away and is easy to ignore, but I implore you to pay attention.”

“If I sell some of the vegetables, I can buy millet, which is the staple part of our diet,” said Ramata Zore, chairwoman of a garden cooperative in Taffoga. “I’d also like to keep up the vegetable plot for five years. Then, if I manage to find something else to do which will enable me to supplement my income, I’ll be able to start a small business. I want to carry on with the vegetable plot and earn money to help my children.” (Photo: Irina Fuhrmann/Oxfam)

Davis, who’s traveled with Oxfam to countries like Uganda, Haiti, Ethiopia, and Kenya, said she wanted her fundraising page to help call attention to a crisis that hasn’t been covered in the news. “One of my main goals with working and traveling with Oxfam is to get the truth,” she wrote. “The truth of what’s really happening to people around the world—the truth that doesn’t seem to make headlines.”

Want to help? Donate to Kristin Davis’ fundraising page and/ or Djimon Hounsou’s fundraising page. Or start your own page.

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