Can You Imagine Not Being Able to Feed Your Children?

Can you imagine not being able to feed your children? I can’t either. I have never been in this situation, but mothers all across the Sahel are facing this dire dilemma even as I write this.

In Mali in particular where one president stepped down on Sunday, another takes office on Thursday and rebels are holding the north, mothers and their children are facing an even harder challenge getting the food they need to survive.

UNICEF wrote on Twitter today that the crops have failed and the food crisis is worsening.

The annual rains didn’t come this year, crops failed, food prices are high and rising, and now there is political and military unrest in the country which leads to massive displacement. All of these factors combined leads to food shortages and eventually famine. Famine in the Sahel is what relief agencies are trying desperately to avoid.

Watch the video below to see what is going on in Mali regarding the Sahel food crisis and click here (UNICEF) and here (World Food Programme)  to see how you can help!

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