Photos from the Field: NeoNatalie Newborn Educational Mannequin

In low-resource settings across the globe midwives are learning about the critical first hour after birth that can keep more newborns alive through Helping Babies Breathe training. In Yetoban, Ethiopia at Project Mercy midwives take skills labs classes that will utilize the NeoNatalie Newborn educational mannequin. Midwifery training at Project Mercy is through a partnership between Jhpiego, USAID, and Project Mercy that will feed qualified, well-trained midwives throughout southern Ethiopia.

The NeoNatalie Newborn educational mannequin can be filled with water or air and simulates a real newborn that needs to be resuscitated, an intervention that happens often during the first ten minutes of a newborn’s life.

Neonatalie Newborn Educational Mannequin
Neonatalie Newborn Educational Mannequin
Ethiopian students in midwifery training
Ethiopian students in midwifery training
Midwifery training for vaccuum delivery
Midwifery training in Yetoban, Ethiopia at Project Mercy for vaccuum delivery

 Photo: Jennifer James

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