Ghana Set to Roll Out Two Vaccines Next Week

Starting on April 21 through April 28 the world will celebrate World Immunization Month. It’s a pivotal time for global health to celebrate milestones in the advancement of vaccine awareness and implementation.

On Thursday, April 26 Ghana will roll out two vaccines – pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines –  in order to drastically reduce the number of childhood deaths in their country that can be prevented. With the help of the GAVI Alliance, UNICEF, the WHO, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and various governments Ghana has trained health workers, built cooling facilities to house the vaccines and created a roll-out schedule and plan to begin immunizing its children again diarrhea and pneumonia.


2 thoughts on “Ghana Set to Roll Out Two Vaccines Next Week

  1. How awesome is this?!? I have been to Ghana 2 times. They are just the most fabulous group of people. They are so happy, so industrious and so giving. I absolutely loved the time that I spent in Ghana and would love to do more to help them. This is just great!


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