Writing Essays Is Tough But There Are Movies to Help!

Watch Movies to Become a Better Writer!

When learning our native language, we make sure to listen. Then we begin to speak and read. Finally, we’re engaged in the writing process. These are the key language skills one has to develop in order to be able to communicate with the other people effortlessly.

While listening, speaking and reading usually present just a few difficulties, the writing part is quite intimidating to a lot of college and university students. To achieve this crucial language skill, you should surround yourself with English here and there: read books, surf online manuals, listen to your favorite songs, practice the essays writing, visit some essay writing service for professional recommendations and…watch movies. Let’s have a small talk on how Hollywood masterpieces can inspire you and boost your writing.   

Real & Inspiring Dialogues

Some of the most experienced writers can’t help cringing at this moment. But wait a minute. Would any dialogue ever survive the first or the second cut if it wasn’t live and juicy enough? Many professional writers have awful battles with dialogues and students are no exception. Every time they’re supposed to craft an essay, a movie review or a term paper that includes dialogues, they are getting restless. Desperately, they start searching for the cheap movie reviews, research papers and the rest of the academic projects available at this or that custom writing company online. They switch from a cheap to an expensive service with a single message: “I need to write my paper fast and as it should be.” The best advice here is to watch movies, where real conversations will become a great place to start your own flow of words.

See How Camera Works

Forget all the things like the shutter speed, the lenses or anything of the kind, when it comes to the camera work. The cameraman is the one, who leads your attention through the plot. Take into account what the “eye of the movie” shows and you’ll realize what the integral parts of the story are.

Chosen Cast & Costume Attributes  

Taking a closer look at the cast and their outfits can actually provide you, as the writer, with dozens of cool ideas on how to create memorable characters.

Make sure to pause for a moment and check the characters in a particular situation. Examine them from head to toe to see how many attributes their costumes have, how the make-up is done and whether they have scars or any other hooking details.

Keep in mind that the costume changes usually go together with the transformation of a character. See what and how the characters wear at the beginning and in the end of the story. it can serve as a solid basis for the future stories you will be required to write.

Superb Visual Effects

Some students struggle with the essays, especially when it comes to the description part. Some days they feel like their vocabulary consists of the words like “good” and “bad.” But there are many different ways one can describe the nature of Alps or the first rays of light early in the morning, right?

The great thing about the films is that you see how a description you struggle with is professionally turned into a stunning image! You have an opportunity to see it now. All the words you can’t get together on a piece of paper are virtuously arranged on the screen.

The next time you watch your favorite TV series or a film, ensure to choose a particular scene. Watch it several times until you absorb every detail. Then take your laptop and use your own words to describe what you just saw.

Let the director help you to have a new look at a moonlit river, a brave knight or a desert meadow. See it and describe it.

Make it your aim to boost you writing skills and take every opportunity to achieve it. Every time you watch comedies, thrillers or artsy classics, don’t forget to wear your metaphorical writer glasses! This will help you to change your approach to the writing process and make your prose more powerful.