Give to Maternal Health Programs in Uganda

Our partner, Shanti Uganda, is helping women experience safe deliveries in a country where 310 women out of 100,000 live births die during childbirth. Now that a new year has rolled around Shanti Uganda has embarked on new opportunities to give and help women have healthy babies and safe, clean births. You can donate to provide more solar power for their birth house, purchase an … Continue reading Give to Maternal Health Programs in Uganda

Maternity Equality in Uganda: How You Can Help

ACTION: Become a Shanti Uganda Birth Partner. Why and how below. As a mother who has given birth twice I feel a strong, overwhelming kinship with women all over the world who have or will also give birth even if I don’t know them nor will I ever. That global kinship makes me work harder to learn more about maternal health in developing countries and … Continue reading Maternity Equality in Uganda: How You Can Help

New Partner: Maternity Worldwide

As maternal health is one of our core areas of concentration we are thrilled and excited to partner with Maternity Worldwide, an organization that works in partnership with local communities to increase access to high quality maternal health care. Maternity Worldwide’s current programs are mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa where need is the greatest. Here the lifetime risk of dying in pregnancy or childbirth is I in … Continue reading New Partner: Maternity Worldwide