was founded in 2001 to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV and sustain the long term health of women and children. Our model puts mothers at the heart of our mission to promote healthy motherhood and eliminate pediatric AIDS. Since its inception, mothers2mothers has helped over one million women growing from one site in Cape Town, South Africa, to nearly 600 sites in seven sub-Saharan African countries.

Mother-to-child transmission of HIV is almost entirely preventable. Yet, everyday approximately 900 children worldwide are newly infected with HIV. Almost all of these children are in sub-Saharan Africa, and nearly all of them acquire HIV from their mothers during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

Not only is HIV the leading cause of death of women of reproductive age, but without treatment half of the children born with HIV will die before their second birthday.
mothers2mothers uses a simple and proven model to eliminate the transmission of HIV from mothers to babies and sustain the health of women and children. We educate, employ and empower mothers living with HIV, who work as Mentor Mothers in health centers to provide lifesaving information and one and one support.

Employing Mentor Mothers helps them gain economic security for themselves and their children, while also elevating them as respected role models in their community, defying stigma and discrimination.

Together we can end pediatric AIDS. To find out how you can get involved please visit:

Twitter: @m2mtweets

One thought on “mothers2mothers

  1. In celebration of their 5th birthday our very kind friends at LGT VP have made mothers2mothers (m2m) their featured charity this week.

    As a featured charity every new “Like” on their Facebook page means they will donate $1 to mothers2mothers.

    That means for every 50 new people who Like the page, m2m can provide services to one pregnant woman living with HIV for the duration of her pregnancy and six months after. This invaluable support from one mother to another could ultimately change the future of her and her child’s life.

    Please take a minute to follow the link, Like the page and spread the word via email, Facebook or Twitter.

    Facebook: LGT VP will donate $1 to mothers2mothers for every new Like of their page this week. Just follow the link and Like the page.

    Twitter: This wk every Like on LGT VP’s page=$1 to @m2mtweets.Just follow the link and Like the page.RT to make a difference#HIV

    Together we can end pediatric AIDS. The time is now. Join us.
    Be the means to an end.

    Thank you for your time and support,


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